Business Development
International Business Development
We can source and supply various items through our contacts with suppliers around the globe. The products we are concentratiing on supplying at the present are:

Timber, timber products
Sourced from
Eastern Europe, South America, USA, Russia, and a few other countries.

Horticultural products, flowers, and essential oils
Sourced from Eastern and Western Europe, and South America.

Wines and liqueurs
Sourced from countries in Eastern Europe which have a long tradition spanning centuries, of producing fine wines and liqueurs.

Other products
We can locate and supply specific products for confirmed buyers, from North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia.
Please email us with your requirements.

Wines and SpiritsProcesses for making spirits, wines and liqueurs from fruits
We have contact with winemakers in Eastern Europe and South America who can offer processes for producing wines and liqueurs from fruits.
Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Waste to Fuels

We will be setting up renewable energy projects, (solar and wind), and a network of waste to energy and waste to fuel plants across Eastern Europe.

Project Assistance
We provide a full range of services for investors wishing to set up projects in Africa, Central America, South America, and Countries of the European Union. Our assistance extends to arranging technologies and funding also.

We assist companies with a complete bouquet of services including
sourcing of technologies, funding, and interfacing with various authorities, for setting up projects in all the States of India.
About Us
CTS, with offices in India (Circum Terra Solutions LLP), Serbia (Circum Terra Solutions D.O.O), and Canada (Circum Terra Solutions LLC), draws upon the over two decades of experience of the management and their associates, in offering customised solutions for ensuring successful implementation.

Consultations by appointment.
A brief of the services required may be sent to us by email at:

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